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FI Division
FI사업 - 제어기술팀, 환경기술팀, 기술영업팀, 전기공사팀, AFACH팀, 전기설계팀
Control Engineering Team  Develop Driving Facility/TTM/SRR and etc., carry out product commissioning, and manage HMI of inspection system.
Environment Engineering Team  Carry out and manage projects(Specification, development and commissioning, customer service, etc.) related to environment system. 
Engineering Sales Team  Analyze sales data and customer's needs, carry out import and export activities, and manage financial accounting related to FI division.
Electric Construction Team  Make control panels, install, and provide the follow-up management.
AFACHE Team Carry out product commisioning in and out of the country and respond to cusomters regarding product issues.
Electric Design Team  Design electrical/control drawings.

HNE Division
HNE사업 - 영업팀, 에너지팀, 환기팀, 사원지원팀
Sales Team Find new customers, perform market reseach and analyze competitor trends, Establish sales strategy and sell products.
Energy Team Carry out sales and establish sales strategic about automatic renewable energy business based on ESS(Energy Storagy Systme) and IBS communication control.
Ventilation Team Sale ventilation system based on total heat exchange for apartment house and carry out construction work.
Operation Management Team Analyze sales data and customer's needs and manage financial accounting related to HNE Division.

AI Division Design and manufacture of process and assembly lines related to automatic assembly line, and carry out machining and production of control programs, and commissioning.

Research & Development
연구개발 - 전자개발팀, SW개발팀, 기계설계팀, 기술기획팀, IoT개발팀
Electronic Development Team  Design MCU Circuit, PCB Artwork, etc.
S/W Development Team  Design optical(vision, laser) and imagine system, and develop program facility contorl software, etc.
Machinery Design Team  Design facility, apparatus mounting, mold, etc.
Technology Planning Team  Manage patents, establish technology stretagic, and manage BOM.
IoT Development Team Establish production plan, design, and develop for IoT.

Production Buy materials from domestic and overseas, establish plans for produsction and material procurement, and manage production.

Global Business Manage all overseas offices, establish sales strategy for each market by analyzing overseas market, find new customers, and carry out overseas projects in the fields.

Strategic Plannig Plan global business strategy, decide the strategy establishment directions, establish the mid and long-term plans, carry out company PR activities, and find new businesses.

General Management Carry out accounting and financing, manage human resources and support the departments in the field such as sales, production, R&D, etc. to carry out task well.