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Hansung Sysco dreams of a faster, more convenient world. We are waiting for you to draw a smart world together.

We do not evaluate to numbers.

Considers skills, knowledge, and attitudes, not education, age, and gender.

Provides opportunities for rapid growth.

Focuses on individual passion and ability. We support online training center and training expenses to improve individual job competence. Depending on the competency, it can be promoted quickly and work overseas, and an award ceremony is held at the end of each year.


Encourages you to use your days off and holidays.

We want

Hansung Sysco awaits the following people
  • Creative

    Predicts the future and lead change with creative ideas and enterprising attitude
  • Challenge

    Seeks challenging goals and not afraid of any failures
  • Change

    Pioneers new fields through open thinking and action
  • Passion

    Specializes in their fields and present their vision through constant self-development and professional development
  • Practice

    Acts with aggressive attitude and strong driving force
  • How you can apply for

    Recruitment of new and experienced employees is done by open recruitment at any time.
    You can apply through Hansung Sysco's homepage or through the recruitment announcements of job-hunting sites.
  • What qualification needs

    Higher than secondary school(High school graduates (in the case of associate degree or higher, only graduate-to-be or after graduate possible) are eligible.
    According to positions, detailed qualifications are different.

Recruitment Process

  • Submit a cover letter with a resume

  • Review process

  • 1st Interview(with managers)

  • 2nd Interview(with board of directors)

  • Announce

* The successful candidates will be informed of the results through phone and e-mail.