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ZIPS is a home automation system brand that develops IoT home temperature control system, household ventilation system, network switch, standby power cut-off switch and so on.

ZIPS's flagship product, the integrated temperature control system, provides comfortable and convenient room temperature control. Generation of room temperature and supply and return temperature to control the heating by controlling the generation of differential pressure control valve and dynamic flow balancing valve proportional control floor heating system to reduce unnecessary heating, heating costs can be reduced

Key Features of ZIPS Integrated Temperature Control System

  • 01 Provides optimal heating system according to heat source and type of residence.
  • 02 Easy to use because all room monitoring and heating temperature setting is possible in the living room controller
  • 03 Possible to set the temperature of heating and heating water when the boiler is linked
  • 04 Energy saving is possible by adjusting heating temperature and function according to the temperature preference of family members.
  • Addr D-1405, 60, Gwanmyeong Techno Park, Haan-ro, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
  • Tel +82-42-939-9720
  • Web www.zipshome.com

Business Areas

  • 01 Production and construction of household heating system

  • 02 Home temperature control system, network electronic switch and standby power system, household ventilation system

  • 03 Home heating and cooling control system, radiation cooling and heating temperature control system

  • 04 IoT Home Automation

Major Products Home Intelligence

  • Household Ventilation System

  • Home Heating and Cooling System

  • Network Electronic Switch and
    Standby Power System

  • IoT Home Automation

Major references

Major references- Year, Performances, Customers
2017 Gyeongju 1 block of and 2 block(Korea) Booyoung Construction
2017 Kimpo Newstay(Korea) Kumsung Baekjoe Construction
2017 Sejong 3-3 L3 Block, Hyocheon B-3 Block, Dongtan A35 Block(Korea) Jungheung Construction
2017 Dongtan 2nd New Town A-1 Block, Dongtan Prugio(Korea) Daewoo E&C
2017 Gwangju KTX Moaelgaa(Korea) Hyelim Construction
2017 Cheonan City-xi, Yeongjong Sky-city-xi, Seoul Soup-river-view-xi(Korea) GS E&C
2017 Suwon Raon-Priviate, Jinju Raon-Priviate(Korea) Raon Construction
2016 Songdo The-sharp Centralcity(Korea) Posco E&C
2016 Wirye New Town A2-10BL(Korea) Booyoung Construction
2016 Hanam Misa Liverfore Posco E&C
2016 Hanam Misa 2nd Prugio Daewoo E&C
2015 Sejong 1-1 M4BL, Dongtan A30BL, Hyangnam B3BL(Korea) Hoban Construction
2015 Asan The-sharp Lakecity 2nd(Korea) Posco E&C
* For more references, you can find on www.zipshome.com.