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AFACHE's Automotive Intelligence (AI) division provides automated assembly line building solutions that automatically assemble the entire process of products.

Through the characteristics analysis of the product, the whole process of the assembled product is built as an automatic line as following. Process Design → Machining / Production → Control Program → Characteristic Inspection → Operation Trial Commissioning → Production Management System(MES).

In particular, we provide solutions that can automatically measure, inspect, and read noise / vibration / joint [NVH] of rotating parts.

  • Addr 34, Techno 3-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea
  • Tel +82-42-939-9775

Business Areas

  • 01 Automatic assembly line

  • 02 Cleaning(Wet & Dry) System

  • 03 2D and 3D surface vision inspection equipment

  • 04 Logistics Transportation System

Major Products Factory Intelligence

  • Automated Assembling System

  • Cleaning(Wet & Dry) System

  • Vision Inspection System

  • Logistics Transport System

Major references

Major references- Year, Performances, Customers
2018 BLDC motor &
Gear box assembly line [MOTOR & GEAR BOX ASS'Y LINE]
2017 Automobile compact gear box assemly line [GEAR BOX ASS'Y LINE]-2 Model A+H
2017 CNC automatic feeder for parts processing & Line building [AUTO-LOADER] D
2017 Automobile piston vision inspection system [VISION INSPECTOR] D
2016 Automobile compact gear box assemly line [GEAR BOX ASS'Y LINE]-1 Model A+M
2015 Automobile air conditioner actuator assembly line [ACTUATOR ASS'Y LINE]-1 Model T+H