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Hansung Sysco dreams of realizing a new conncection and a new space.

  • Hansung Sysco has been enthusiastic and committed to becoming a leader in the field of automation systems since its establishment in 1996, and now we are recognized for our technology in the world market. Through many years of research and development, we have launched AFACHE, a factory automation solution based on our original technology, and ZIPS, an integrated temperature control system for home use, and compete with excellent products from overseas.

    In particular, ZIPS, the integrated temperature control system for households, is leading the market through business alliance with SK Telecom based on products with Industry 4.0 and IoT. Based on our accumulated technology and experience in factory and home automation fields, we have established ZISYS, which mainly manufactures semiconductors and display equipment, and is carrying out business with domestic and overseas related companies.

  • To diversify our business area, Dae Yang Eunyeye, one of the most promising industries in the field of environment facilities, is welcomed as a new family member and is making efforts to create new value. Dae Yang E & I won the Presidential Award of Korea Green Management Award in 2017 for its excellent technology and value at home and abroad. These efforts have begun to be seen as a result of the A + rating of the Technology Guarantee Fund, the award of the National Tax Service of the Best Taxpayer (2012) and the selection of a promising small and medium export company. Through participation in overseas exhibitions such as Germany Tire Technology Expo and China Rubber Tech China, Challenges to advance are not stopped.

    Under the company philosophy of realizing the value of customers and members, we are constantly struggling and changing to meet customer expectations and provide advanced growth opportunities for our employees.

Hansung Sysco employees will do their best until the day when they will lead the global market beyond Korea.
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Company Profile

Date of Estsblishment , Headquarters, Affliated Companies, Overseas Branches and Agencies, R&D Centers
Date of Estsblishment 28th June 1996
Headquarters 34, Techno 3-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea
Affliated Companies Hansung Industry(Home automation system and Energy Storage System)
ZISYS(Customer Service of Home automation system)
Daeyang E&I(Air Pollution Control System)
Overseas Branches and Agencies China, US, Hungary, Indonesia, India, Iran
R&D Centers 1st R&D Center(Daejeon), 2nd R&d center(Geyonggi)