• Smart home systems enhance
    the quality of life
    ZIPS integrated temperature control system provides comfortable
    and convenient room temperature control.
    We can help you set your home environment easily and quickly anytime, anywhere.
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  • Hansung Sysco leads
    the 4th Industrial Revolution
    AFACHE provides vision design and measurement,
    automated assembly line installation and control solutions.
    We create Smart factory through designing control panel, manufacturing,
    electric installation, and various PLC based facility control programming technology.
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  • Let’s grow together
    as a global expert
    We are waiting for you to make a smart world with Hansung Sysco.
    Start your career with us!
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  • We constantly research to
    realize your value
    We invest more than 6% of our sales in R & D every year for technological innovation.
    In order to cultivate technical leaders,
    we strive to realize the value of our customers and members through
    new technology education and strategic alliances with excellent domestic and overseas companies.
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